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Newsletter (April 2013)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard
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April 2013

I was reading a lovely article on Angels and it was talking about how they can come to us in a human form if needed they are needed to help. This reminded me of my very close encounter with an Angel which I would like to share with you.

This is a story that involves me. One day whilst travelling along the highway I was involved in a serious accident. I had my two children with me at the time; they were only 3 and 8 years old. My car rolled several times and careened down a steep embankment full of trees. We were skidding on our roof, so were upside down and had no control. I felt a moment of panic and then deliberately said “No, I choose faith, please help us.” A peace settled in the car and every tree we hit fell over, we missed all the big ones! The car finally came to a stop, still on its roof. I needed to get my door open as I desperately wanted to get my children out of the car and get them to safety. My door had been crushed closed but I kicked it and it amazing fell open (the smash repairers said after that they had no idea how a door that badly damaged could be opened from within.

The car was a complete write off). There was a man there who helped me out of the car. I said to him “Please help my children”. He moved, not saying a word and got both children out of the car and moved us away from it. I then looked up to see more people starting to run down the embankment and a woman came up to me. I asked her where the man had gone as I wanted to thank him and she answered “What man, I am the first on the scene”. My daughter and I looked at each other as we had both seen the same man. It is a wonderful experience I share with her now that she is an adult and I am very thankful to the angel who was looking after us all on that day.

Our Angels never leave us and wait for us to ask them to help.

Nothing is too small or too big for them to help with.

I encourage you to try this and watch the wonderful miracles unfold. I wish you all a time love, peace and miracles.

Love & blessings


“To see an angel, you must see another's soul. To feel an angel, you must touch another's heart. To hear an angel you must listen to both.”
~ Author Unknown

take five

Exercise - Seeing Angels / Guides

You will need a mirror, either hang or lean it against a wall. Sit opposite the mirror and look into the centre of it.

Attach a small dot to the mirror just above the centre so when you are sitting you will have to look up slightly to see it.

Light a large white candle and place it level with the bottom of the mirror on your left hand side. Turn out the lights in the room and sit in the chair. You will see both the candle and its reflection in the mirror.

Relax and gaze at the small dot, keep staring

When you start to see things in the mirror don’t shift your gaze from the dot, the dot will eventually vanish and you will see other things in the mirror.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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