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Newsletter (January 2010)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

January 2010

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a wonderful New Year.

Christmas and New Year can be such a busy time so I would encourage you all to spend a moment to sit and relax and listen to that still, small voice…

What is it, this feeling, this instinct we all have? Our sixth sense enables us to know. To know more than our five common senses tell us. It is seemingly intangible thing, yet when we feel it, we know it.

We think about someone and a day later, out of the blue, they call. Or we call someone, the line is engaged, because they are calling us at the same time. We go shopping and without thinking, turn into a street we've never been down before, only to see a friend we haven't seen forages. "Oh, what a coincidence,"we say, those of us who still believe in coincidences.

It is easier for us to reason with coincidence than with the idea that our sixth sense moved us to take an action, have a thought,told us some unconscious thing.It is easier for us to say, "Well,these things happen," to shrug our shoulders and move right along, without any thought as to why or how these things happen.Many people do not want to know the unknown, or to see that which is unseen. They are afraid, and understandably so.But hiding is not the answer, for hiding, closing our eyes and ear sonly brings confusion.
Our sixth sense. Always there,always patient, always willing to help. Maybe take some time out and listen. You never know what might happen when you least expect it.

Take time this year to be kind to yourself. Decide that this year is about you for only when we look after ourselves can we authentically give to others.

I truly wish for you a year of miracles, joy and peace.Love & joy


Quote for the Month

The key to creating real change is learning how to treat yourself with genuine respect. Rosemary Althea

Recent Happenings

We had some wonderful healings over the Christmas break, from a bad back, to a knee made less painful to my own daughter who was suffering from a stomach bug which the wonderful world of Reiki shortened the life of.Reiki is such a wonderful tool and most of the sessions over Christmas were distant yet just as powerful.

Take Five

For those of you feeling a little frazzled or tired after Christmas you may want to take five and try this relaxation/meditation. Sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply. Visualise the colour blue, it may be in the form of a soft downy blanket, or fog or whatever you want. As you breathe in and out image the blue wrapping around you, starting at your head and slowly winding itself around you until it reaches your feet. Enjoy being encased in the healing colour of blue for few moments before you get up.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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