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Newsletter (July 2010)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

July 2010

So many of us in the world today are ruled by fear and limiting perceptions of ourselves. These habits, these illusions of reality have been sold to us by our ego which is borne from the conditioning and perceptions we have learnt about ourselves in our lifetime. For most of us, our ego is what we use to react to our daily experiences. These beliefs, habits and attitudes influence our daily reactions, responses and behaviors towards ourselves and others. If we believe that we are not good enough, that we are not deserving or that we have limited possibilities then these attitudes and perceptions become part of our unconscious belief and habit system that we now see as a reflection of our real selves. What we believe about ourselves we look for and manifest in our daily experiences. For example, if we believe we do not deserve respect then we attract people to us that do not respect us which proves ourselves right and reinforces that belief. The problem with this is that the ego’s perception is not based in reality though few people bother to question it. The ego does not live in the present but uses the present and the future to keep the past alive. Ego has its place but if it is in

charge of you then it is not serving you but using you.

Changing our self image simply means changing our perception of who we think we are. We do not need to change the outside environment or how others think or act, we simply need to change our minds. The meditation in Take Five can help you become aware of what perceptions you hold. When ego speaks to you, you can listen and see what you do not want. What is not serving you. Identify the habits and thoughts and you will be able to finally see what they are truly offering. If you use the ego to measure and define yourself it will never be positive. The ego self only allows a limited level of self esteem.

I have done extensive work with people on putting the ego aside and discovering their true soul self. It is easier than you think, much easier than living a life limited by ego and its misconstrued attitudes.

I believe that enlightenment is rising above thought, above our ego.

I wish for you a time of joy, peace and genuine self respect.

Love & joy


"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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take five

Mindfulness meditation. A practice Buddhists call Vipassana or insight meditation, mindfulness is the art of becoming deeply aware of what is here right now. The object of Vipassana practice is to learn to pay attention. You focus on what's happening in and around you at this very moment, and become aware of all the thoughts and feelings that are taking your energy from moment to moment. Thus, as genuine mindfulness is built up, the walls of the ego itself are broken down, defensiveness and rigidity lessen, and you become more open, accepting and flexible. You can start by watching your breath, and then move your attention to the thoughts going through your mind, the feelings in your body, and even the sounds and sights around you. The key is to watch without judging or analysing.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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