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Newsletter (May 2010)

Moonlighting - By Karen Ellyard

May 2010

It often seems every book you read gives you conflicting opinions as to what is the “spiritual truth”. Not to mention Hollywood’s version of spirit which though entertaining at times can be very misleading. I am always very wary of anyone who claims they have THE truth as one thing I have learned in my journey is that there are very few absolute truths. As we grow and learn the beliefs or truth that we clung to change. What I wanted to share this month is a way of looking at the different manifestations of spirit and energy that make sense to me. Often people are adamant that they are haunted when it can be a simple imprint of negative energy that they are coming up against. So what is the difference between ghosts, imprints and spirits that have passed? Here are some explanations that ring true for me at this time.

Psychic Imprints - a psychic imprint is not a spirit but a form of energy. It can exhibit the same symptoms as an earthbound spirit. Whenever an event transpires that arouses strong emotions, the residency in which this event occurs can create a psychic photograph or recording which may “loop” indefinitely. For example, let's say that a wife is caught being unfaithful to her

husband, and subsequently he murders her in the bedroom. Years later guests in the dwelling might be awoken by the frightening vision of a woman screaming and running about in an effort to escape from that same area of the home. This type of manifestation may repeat itself over and over at the same time on the same evening or date that the actual incident took place. Her spirit is not truly there, just an imprint or echo of her energy or memory.

Earthbound Spirits are spirits that have difficulty moving on, maybe they are not prepared to let go of their former life because of unresolved business or sometimes they don’t believe they are dead. Sometimes because of guilt or fear they don’t want to go into the light. There can be many reasons for a spirit to remain earthbound but it does not happen as often as some people like to think. This is not a healthy state for the spirit to remain in and they need to be guided to the light.

Passed Loved Ones – spirits that have passed can often visit loved ones to reassure, provide comfort, support and love. Often when they do communicate with us directly, not all have premonitions to impart (much to the disappointment of those left behind) as much of what we worry over here is not so

important in the scheme of things. They will often communicate through touches, dreams, signs, create electrical interference, move objects or use a medium.

I would advise that any involvement with the first two be left to someone who knows what they are doing as you can cause yourself grief.

I would encourage you, if you feel the presence of a passed loved one to talk to them and accept their comfort. This presence will never be associated with any negative or scary feelings. If this happens it is more than likely it is not a loved one you are dealing with and you may wish to seek help.

I wish for you a time of joy and peace.

Love & joy


"When we are judging others, we have no time to love them." Mother Theresa

Recent Happenings

I have worked with a lot of clients this month on moving negative energy patterns and breaking free of old thought patterns that are not serving them. Also making use of the tools they have learnt and arming people with tools they did not have.

Karen Ellyard. Spiritual Healer

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