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The following accounts are examples from recent readings. The names have been changed and are printed here with the permission of our valued clients. I will not go into too much detail to protect their privacy.

Karen came in my life at the time or rather Karen’s website came up, when I was really down in my life. I emailed her my worries. She was very supportive and helpful, Even though I said I can’t afford to pay you for the reading. Her encouraging response was I love chocolates. My initial reaction was really!! Wow, I am very lucky. This was a great gesture for me, one that changed my life forever. When I met Karen for the first time, first reading it was wow! Like meeting someone I knew who could actually peep clearly deep in my soul and showed me what I was trying to avoid… to be happy. My first reading with Karen was a life saver. Karen’s open manner helped me to trust each and every word as she advised me to get out of the rut I had created mentally. From that moment on I felt more positive, less of a control freak, also I stopped making-up-stuff and I stopped believing every bad thing has to happen to me. Karen taught me to ask the right questions and get clear about my decisions. During this time I faced another challenge ready to give up because of fear. Karen’s support and encouraging words helped me to get back in the step. I am so grateful an angel like Karen is on earth to nudge us back on track. Thank you so much Karen.

Calming children’s fears and helping them to understand

Thankfully for Julie her Mum did not ridicule her when she spoke to her about hearing voices. She had become difficult to get to bed as she did not understand what was happening and was frightened. Julie and her mum came to see me and I was able to explain to Julie what was happening and why it was happening. I was able to teach Julie how to set boundaries so spirits did not visit her at night as it frightened her and also teach her how to stop it happening if it started and she did not want the communication. After following up with Julie’s mum she said that bed times are no longer an issue and Julie is no longer afraid as she understands what is happening and why and realises that she is in control of it and not the other way around.

Pets do cross over and love to visit and be around us too

Allison came to see me and I immediately had a male presence visit with a dog that was very excited and happy and jumping up and down. The male presence was Allison’s grandfather and he had brought through a dog that Allison was very distressed about as she had had to have her put to sleep. I assured her the dog was very happy and very much alive and was visiting her on a regular basis and had been sleeping on the end of her bed at night. Allison said that she had felt the bed move at night and a warmth at the foot of her bed and felt a great deal of comfort that her beloved pet was still around her and no longer ill and in pain.

They never truly leave us

When Tony came to see me he was distressed as his father had passed away recently. He was further distressed because he had been told that his father had not crossed over and was haunting him (an extremely unlikely scenario). I had a woman appear showing me a black and white picture of a man. Tony was carrying a black and white photo of his dad in his wallet. His grandmother assured me that his father had crossed over and was well and happy and went on to acknowledge other family occasions that were coming up. Tony left a much happier and peaceful person.

Grandmother calms fears

Michael visited me full of anxiety due to an extended run of unfortunate incidences surrounding his business. His grandmother visited and pointed out to me some of the things that had happened and reassured him that there was no reason to be concerned for the future of the business. She also steered him in a direction for the business that he had not thought of and he left here more relaxed and full of enthusiasm.

A new direction

Angela, a young girl, came to me thinking her life was going nowhere and feeling very depressed. Through Spirit Guide Counselling Angela saw all of the amazing things that had already been happening in her life, all moving towards a very definite outcome that was designed to touch a lot of people and bring her great financial security. She is now feeling much more positive, has direction and is excited about her future. She remarked that it was great to hear directly from her Spirit Guides and feels that she has new direction in her life. Most exciting for her.

Grandfather helps

Dennis was a gentleman who had not had much support growing up which left him with little self worth and very critical of himself. He had gone from one disastrous relationship to another and was left feeling confused and scared to connect deeper than on a surface level. He had also spent many years in “survival mode” and was living from one pay check to the next. Using Reiki we were able to break old patterns that kept him limited in this thinking regarding earning money. Dennis also discovered, with some help from his Guides and his grandfather whose Spirit came through to visit and help bring to light the habits and patterns that were keeping him in destructive relationships. He now has a new lease on life, new direction and is looking forward to the changes to come.

A new life for Mary

Mary had married her childhood sweetheart and was very settled in her life despite the fact that for some years she had not been happy. She came to me after her husband left her suddenly and was feeling, lonely, lost, scared and depressed to the point where she had considered taking her life. Through Spirit Guide Counselling and help from the Angels, Mary discovered tools that have made it so much easier for her to make decisions and move on with her life. She is finally getting to know herself and what she wants out of life. Her career has taken a new direction which she is very excited about. Using the tools she learned on the day, Mary is moving forward in her life with a passion that she has not felt for a long time.

Comfort for a family

One day a spirit visited me and I had no idea who he was. He was not talking, despite my asking many times who he was and what he wanted, so I knew if I gave him time he would let me know what he wanted. He stayed with me for that week and even came with me on a holiday to Perth where he was very interested in our family playing canasta. A week later on the day I was due to attend an art class, he told me who he was and gave me messages. Another member of that class was his daughter, Susie and he had passed away just a few weeks ago. I was not aware of this as I had not attended class for a few weeks. Upon seeing Susie she started to tell me of her father’s passing. I asked her not to say anything until I had passed on the messages he had for her as I did not want her comments influencing or distorting the messages. I gave her several messages, some of which contained who had taken him over to the other side and a message that was worrying him about someone else in the family. I saw Suzie the following week and she told me that the person who had taken him across was a close family member and the part that was worrying him was accurate and was now sorted out, much to the relief of the other person involved. She also told me that he loved to play cards, which is why he was so interested in our Canasta game. Shortly after, Suzie was painting a picture of some of her father’s favourite things when he popped in and told me that she was missing something. I saw a black and white photo, old. Suzie told me that her father had a black and white photo of him and his wife. It was clear that he wanted this in the picture and after hearing this Suzie said it made sense as his wife was very precious to him.

Angels come in all forms

This is a story that involves me. One day whilst travelling along the highway I was involved in a serious accident. I had my two children with me at the time; they were only 3 and 8. My car rolled several times and careened down an embankment full of trees. We were skidding on our roof, so were upside down and had no control. I felt a moment of panic and then deliberately said “No, I choose faith, please help us.” A peace settled in the car and every tree we hit fell over, we missed all the big ones! The car finally came to a stop, still on its roof. I needed to get my door open as I desperately wanted to get my children out of the car and get them to safety. My door had been crushed closed but I kicked it and it amazing fell open (the smash repairers said they had no idea how a door that badly damaged could be opened from within. The car was a write off). There was a man there who helped me out of the car. I said to him “Please help my children”. He moved, not saying a word and got both children out of the car and moved us away from it. I then looked up to see more people starting to run down the embankment and a woman came up to me. I asked her where the man had gone as I wanted to thank him and she answered “What man, I am the first on the scene”. My daughter and I looked at each other as we had both seen the same man. It is a wonderful experience I share with her now that she is an adult and I am very thankful to the angel who was looking after us all on that day.

Messages for Pipi

Some years ago, a colleague of mine named Jim died. Through his passing I became friends with his wife. He owned various businesses and after he passed she found herself in the difficult position of having to do a crash course in learning all of them. Unbeknown to me, she was worrying and fretting as she was finding 3 full time businesses difficult to manage and was wondering which one she should focus on and sell the others as it was all getting too much. During this time, I awoke one evening to find her husband standing at the foot of my bed – quite a shock as you can imagine. He was wearing his full flight gear. I asked him what I could do for him and he said to tell “Pipi” to go air. I had no idea who “Pipi” was and he just said to tell his wife. I rang her the next morning and told her what he had said. Pipi was his pet name for her that only the two of them used and as I told her the message and she started to cry with relief. “I was so very worried” she cried. “Now I know what to do”. One of the businesses was an air charter business so she sold the other two and concentrated on this and built it up even further. Several times over the years Jim visited me with additional messages for his “Pipi” and each time they were opportune and just what she needed to know.

Even sceptics get messages

It’s an awful tragedy, losing a child or grandchild and this happened to a friend of mine. A while after losing one of her grandsons, Mary came to see me. Funnily enough, Mary does not believe in life after death but that did not stop a gentleman coming through to visit me with a message for her. In his arms he held her grandson, and assured me he was well, happy and loved. As he spoke I started to draw, quite unconsciously, on my notepad. Finally I noticed that I had drawn an item that was very unique to her Uncle James. He also gave me further information that confirmed who he was, information about his wife that Mary knew about. Despite this, Mary still struggled with believing in life after death and one morning during my meditation time, Uncle James visited me again. He had a message for Mary. I asked if he could come back as I was in the process of doing an angel meditation for someone. Uncle James was very insistent and not to be put off, so I picked up my notebook and wrote down the message for Mary as I could see that this was the only way I was going to appease him. I was seeing Mary later for dinner and I gave her the note that I had written out. She said Uncle James was very strong and used to getting his own way and it certainly challenged her belief that when you die, you die and that is it and gave her something to think about. It also gave her great comfort to know that her grandson was being looked after.

Message from Nan

After my mum died I was given a cross on a chain that had been my grandmothers. In my bio I speak about being close to my Nan. I was delighted to have something that had belonged to her and proceeded to wear it. The next day I noticed a shape under the nail colour I was wearing on my toenail. I removed the nail colour and saw a white cross in the middle of my toenail. It was shaped on the ends and looked exactly like the one I was wearing of Nan’s. I took the cross off and put it away and the cross on my toenail disappeared overnight. The next morning I put her cross back on and the cross reappeared on my toenail. My husband even took a photo of it! I believe this was my Nan letting me know that she was watching over me.

Sometime later I was having a massage when my wonderful masseur told me that she felt something dryish on my hip. I looked later and saw a very clear arrow had appeared. I had been having trouble with my shoulder and this arrow pointed to an area under my ribs where my masseur found a lump that released the problem in my shoulder. Once this had been done and I had a shower the arrow disappeared. I now believe that the cross was definitely from my Nan and she was letting me know that she would show me if I ever needed help with any physical ailments.

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