The following testimonials are by clients who have benefited from a reading with Karen.

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“We all get to a stage in our lives where we need a little guidance or a little butt kicking to ensure we are on the right path. This is where I was when I had the opportunity to meet with Karen.

Our meeting opened my eyes up to a number of things which were happening in my life, clarifying what needed to be done and to open my heart up to the information that we being provided me from the world.

The information Karen gives her clients does not just last for the day, it lasts for weeks, months, years and decades into the future. I cannot thank Karen enough for opening my heart up to the love, opportunity and abundance all around us. My future is only getting brighter by the day... Thank you!”



“I found Karen at a time when I really needed direction and clarity in my life and she was able to help me see things in a positive way rather than thinking my world was collapsing around me.

I first had a reading with Karen which was extremely helpful and gave me some ideas on how to  gain my direction back, I was then invited to a level 1 workshop which gave me a greater insight as to how I could turn things around and pursue a positive direction. Everything that Karen shared during the workshop was amazing, we had a great group of people and the energy was unbelievable.

All of this knowledge & positive teachings gave me the confidence & strength to change the direction of my life and from this day forward my life has taken a new path filled with love, peace & happiness.”



I remember from the time I was a teenager I had chosen to learn life’s lessons the ‘hard way’. I was as stubborn as the day was long. And even though I constantly made the wrong decisions, paying the price each and every time – I never stopped to consider or ask ‘why?’

A life changing moment was when I chose the wrong partner. As if the pain I endured by his hand wasn’t enough I ‘cemented’ my life by having 2 x children with this person.

After 10 x years of fighting a losing battle I finally made the decision to walk away from the abuse. Anyone who has endured this type of control and fear will understand how difficult a decision that is to make, particularly when your children are used as blackmail.

I had thought 17 years of marriage to a truly good and kind man had healed all the scars and I had ‘let go’ of the trauma from my previous relationship. Despite all my efforts to be happy and live in the ‘moment’ – I was not aware that I really had not let go of my past. The ‘committee’ had me fooled. Karen’s course brought this awareness to the fore and I was about to find out (with Karen’s guidance) how to see the experience for what it was.

I recall the exact moment when during one of the exercises of the day Karen encouraged me to confront the realisation that I had ‘chosen’ that path and accept that I had something to learn from that journey. AND the most profound lesson was to send this man ‘love’ because- I have it to give. Sadly I was still consumed by anger towards this person and to be asked to do this seemed incredulous. I was fighting the will to do this as the wounds were reopened when suddenly this wave of acceptance overcame me. I felt the angels love embrace me and the tears and pain washed over me like a waterfall and I felt myself let it all go. The tears wouldn’t stop flowing – I just could not stop. 17 years worth was pouring out of me. What an immense feeling. I had never experienced anything like it.

I had often felt “blocked”, my spiritual awareness was not strong and yet I always knew there was ‘something’ waiting for me. I did not know what. Karen helped me find the door and walk through it. What an incredibly beautiful, strong woman Karen is – inside and out. I believe my spiritual journey has only just begun. I will return to further develop my psychic awareness with Karen. I know this is only the beginning for me. My heart and my soul thank you Karen.

As a former victim of spousal abuse – I encourage other victims to request an audience with Karen or attend one of her many courses. The experience and sense of release and awareness is so important to finding your inner child again.



"I came across Karen at a time where I needed guidance the most - My partner of 7 years had broken up with me, we had sold our house for a massive loss and I was living out of a suitcase at friends houses, whilst missing my precious dog in New Zealand very much and had just had my work contract cancelled at short notice.

Things couldn't have been more upside down and somedays I didn't want to wake up, the stress had caused me to lose over 13kg and I had gone from being a non smoker to smoking over 25 per day.

A psychiatrist told me I was suffering situational depression and would need to start taking meds.

Everyone told me that it takes time to mend a broken heart and I just had to look after myself. The problem was I didn't know how.

Karen listened and then taught me the skills I needed and showed me that it doesn't take forever to move on.

Unbelievably it has only been a 6 weeks since first making contact with Karen and I am a different person, I have a new job, new place to live and am feeling much more confident and happier than I've been for nearly a year.

Karen showed extreme insight and kindness to me that has more than helped me to survive - she helped me to live.

For that I cannot thank her enough."



"My dramatic life circumstances drained my energy so I arranged a Reiki session with Karen. It was nice just to get a "recharge" and some perspective regarding the situation I faced at this point in time. Karen helped me to see things more clearer and has helped me to trust in myself and my abilities so I can move toward a better future with a new venture.

Thanks Karen...."



"I enjoyed the experience and would have no hesitation in recommending you. I would also suggest that you have an good insight into what a person is in need of aiming for and what they should be achieving in their life. People often need help in clarification of a particular situation that is perhaps of some significance to them and I feel that you are more than capable of doing this.

Take care and best wishes".



"The information Karen was able to pass onto me at the time of my fathers passing was a great comfort to not only myself but to us as a family. The specific information that she was beckoned to deliver to me contained a message that only our family would have knowledge of. This proves to me that Karen has a special gift and I am grateful to her for listening to my fathers words”. I wish you well and hope others who seek you find your messages as comforting as I did."



"I went to see Karen seeking some clarity. I was not trusting my own decision making skills as my self esteem and emotions were feeling low while contemplating what I knew was to be a difficult separation. Karen was welcoming, realistic and calming. Once we sat down she was immediately able to put me at ease with a pre prepared list of information already prepared with the aid of a spirit guide prior to my arrival, Karen had been expecting me.

Karen took the time to teach me the meditation skills required to make important decisions, and how to check that these decisions fit with all aspects of how you see yourself including your personal morals and integrity I left Karen's house feeling uplifted and supported and able to reconnect to my own inner wisdom with universal support. I would recommend a trip to Karen for any reason, but in particular during times of personal crisis. "

sincerely, Jane


"I happen to know for certain that the path that led me to meeting Karen was not accidental. We had been art colleagues for only a short period and we had not yet had the time to get to know each other.

At this time my life was at a ‘breaking point’ of sorts and I had been allowing a lot of outside stress and unresolved issues to take hold of my life, but I had certainly in no way projected this to anyone I knew. I’ve always prided myself in how adept I am at hiding personal troubles.

However, I received the shock of my life when Karen approached me gently and begun to bring up not only the negative issues that were in my life but also how they were compromising my health. She did this out of pure concern and as much as it threw me off guard and into a brief period of instability and shock, I will always feel grateful to her for doing so. I cannot stress how timely this message was. Karen had selflessly given me the gift of foresight and with it the tools to break free and shake off all that I had been holding on to for a dangerously long time.

Thanks to Karen’s unique talent, I had been given a ‘wake-up call’. Nobody else around me could have known these things, not even my closest friends. Everything that Karen sensed and physically felt was genuine.

Things have been quite different since my ‘experience’ with Karen. I don’t know how to put it into words, but the change in my life so far has been profoundly positive. I feel like a different person, in control of my own life and future. I can now see my choices clearly and am no longer weighed down and hindered by the things I thought I had no power over. Almost like being ‘touched by an angel’!!!

Karen has a unique and very strong psychic ability. As well as this, she is extremely focused, grounded and professional. I am so glad that Karen is applying her talent to help those around her! "

- Kirsty


"When my mother died I was devastated and felt lost as we had a very close bond. Karen gave me messages from Mum and taught me how to watch for signs from her to let me know that she is still with me. It has meant so much to me to have this communication and I cannot thank Karen enough. It gives me great comfort and excitement to know that Mum is still here and watching over me. Karen was able to give me personal messages from Mum that she could not possibly have known about which made it very real."

- Tina

"I have known Karen for 4 years and we have become good friends. Karen, I believe, has a special gift; this gift was demonstrated to me, on a very personal level some months ago. My mum passed away almost 6 years ago, leaving me with many happy memories and intimate knowledge that perhaps only the two of us shared. Karen and I, plus one other person were having lunch this particular day when Karen informed me that there was an old lady sitting next to me, in spirit form, explaining briefly to me what she looked like. I thought this explanation was either my mum or my mother-in-law. Karen relayed to me what the old lady had said, ‘to tell me about the colours soft green and beige, not lime green, but soft apple green,’ these were mum’s favourite colours; I was of course shocked and started to cry, it was a very overwhelming experience, Karen could not have known this. Karen has told me several stories of her very close connection to the spirit world and I have no reason to disbelieve her, especially after my own experience. Sincerely"

- Ann

"I became acquainted with Karen Ellyard when we relocated to the Gold Coast approximately 6 years ago. Karen, and her family, were our neighbours.

Even though we moved to our new home, we maintained a relationship. This was not a close friendship, but we would meet for a chat and coffee now and then.

It was during one such meeting that Karen told me of her gift. I was not totally surprised as I felt that Karen had a distinct aura about her, even though I could not have adequately described what it was I felt. Subsequently I was fortunate to arrange a session with Karen and the following is a brief summary of what transpired at that time.

In a very relaxed atmosphere we simply chatted – it was not a “question and answer” event. At some stage Karen told me she was seeing a man – this man was holding a baby. Furthermore she could see the colour blue and she drew a sword (? Ceremonial). I understand Karen did not realize she was drawing anything at all.

When Karen related these facts to me, I was at first puzzled, but then I started to put it all together and realized the man had to be my Uncle and the baby had to be my little grandson, who was a twin, but unfortunately due to premature birth complications, did not survive past 6 weeks or so. Further, my Uncle had been a highly placed United Nations representative and further, married to an Indonesian Priestess (like our royalty). I then understood the significance of the sword. Of course the United Nations carried many ceremonial swords, as did any celebration involving my Uncle’s Indonesian wife!

The colour blue carried connotations as well. My Uncle and Aunt would often bring gifts home to my Mother and myself. One such was several lengths of fabric of which I had the choice of colour – as blue is my favourite, I naturally chose it. I had one length made into a type of sari and had been wearing it the evening before I met with Karen.

I was surprised and happy to learn that our beloved little baby was with my favourite Uncle and for that I thank Karen."


"Karen Ellyard is a member of my art group and has now painted with me for more than three years. Along with the development of her artwork, I have become aware of an amazing and unique ability within her. She is deeply connected with the spiritual side. I have seen how information she receives has become a wonderful benefit to all others around her. This includes me. Messages foretold have been later verified and of great value to me in dealing with my life.

At this point, I would like to relate one particular incident which I feel privileged to have witnessed. I will never forget it. It concerned another member of our art class who I will give the alias name of “Pam”. Pam, Karen and I were sharing our lunch break after a busy morning when suddenly Karen felt a presence of someone in the room, someone connected with Pam. Pam immediately said it must be my mother-in-law who died recently. But then Karen replied saying, “No. She is shaking her head. She is showing me what she is wearing. The colours of her clothes are cream and green.” Pam was taken back for a moment. Then, tears of joy flowed as she said they were her deceased mother’s favourite colours, so much so that she had kept one of her dresses in her memory. Pam now knew her mother was still present and watching over her. Karen had channelled the connection.

But this is just one incident in the experiences of knowing Karen. There have been so many more. Karen has helped so many, not just in our class but others elsewhere. In my experiences, our world is a brighter place because of souls like Karen Ellyard. I hang on to not just a message but each individual word related.

I hope Karen remains with our group for a long time to come. We are all in need of her."

- Kevin Taylor – Art Tutor, Author

"Dear Karen, i only want to say thank u, for ur newsletter i ve been subscribtioned too. for the words in it. words that inspired and help me on my journey here and make me with that able, to help others. keep up the great work :-) love peace and light for the whole universe om mani peme hung greetings from germany .-)"

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